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About Bel-Air Film Fest

The Bel Air Film Festival (BAFF), was founded in 2008 by Melody Storm. The annual festival is an annual event held throughout Bel-Air and greater Los Angeles which promotes the appreciation and knowledge of film. BAFF strives to recognize top industry leaders, and fosters the development of up-and-coming filmmakers and their craft.


The Bel-Air Film Festival hosted its first inaugural red carpet gala at a private estate located in Bel-Air, CA. The festival has grown into an annual event, attracting thousands of attendees each year. The festival is well-attended by the local Los Angeles community that live and work nearby, members of the entertainment community, and many international filmmakers.  The next Sixth Annual film festival takes place this October 10th-15th, 2013. In the heart of the film industry, BAFF promotes a greater appreciation and deeper knowledge of the art, craft, science, and commerce of filmmaking. All films screened at BAFF are United States or World Premiere Films.


BAFF strives to screen World Premiere Films including a series of film panels hosted by elite producers, directors, and attorneys covering the topics of film finance, and new trends in the entertainment industry. BAFF’s film categories include Feature Film, Documentary Film, Short Film, and Student Short Film. The festival hosts a special student film day recognizing upcoming talent. Each annual festival launches with a red carpet opening night gala and provides networking with the industry’s top leaders. Screenings are held at private luxury estates in Bel-Air and throughout theaters in Beverly Hills, on the UCLA campus, throughout Westwood, and into greater Los Angeles.


BAFF’s goal is to inspire young filmmakers and help to provide them with the resources they need to deepen their film knowledge, and the tools they need to succeed in the film industry. With that aim, the Festival recognizes top films and the talent that brings them to life.

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